Has your housemate been shaving and you find lots of hairs all over the sink?  Then you get prepared to brush your teeth and see a piece of hair in your tooth paste.  Not what you intended having for breakfast.  I mean, hair gets everywhere, and you wind up vacuuming even though you did that yesterday.  I deal with this every morning which afforded me with my side job, "Bathroom Attendant".  The job would not be so bad except my tip jar is always empty.  After complaining to "Harry" and nothing changing (still no tips), I found a beach towel.  The next morning, I spread it out over the bathroom counter.  I told Harry, "shave over this towel and fold it up when you are done".  I figured he could use the towel a couple days then I would wash it and repeat.  Things were going OK. 

A couple of weeks later I went to the pool and put my tanning cream on.  It was a beautiful Saturday and I wanted to relax by the pool.  As I was laying there, I kept feeling like I was laying on a cactus.  I got up, looked down and that was it.  I had whiskers stuck all over me.  This is not going to work.  You see, whiskers don’t wash out of terrycloth towels.  I have to figure a way to solve this.  I started searching the internet under shaving accessories and found the answer to my problem.  I bought it and liked it so much I added it to the Migzie store.         

The No Mess Shaving Apron is here to help!  No more hair embedded in the bar of soap.  The No Mess Shaving Apron makes it easy for guys to shave and tidy up after themselves.  Simply wrap one side around your neck, attach the suction cups to the mirror and shave away. The bib will collect all the hairs, meaning no more whiskers in your makeup ladies.  He now can easily empty the hair into the bin after.  The material is a canvas type of material, not terrycloth so it’s easy to wash. It really works. You can see it right here: https://migzie.com/collections/gadgets/products/trimming-apron 

If you know someone who could benefit from The No Mess Shaving Apron, get them a gift or point them in this direction.  

P.S. Still no tips in the tip jar.