Perfume and Cologne Atomizer Bottle

Perfume atomizers have been around for many years.  Many years ago, women kept their perfumes in large decorative atomizer bottles.  However today, "small" is the way to go.   Today, more people are "on the go" and traveling compared to years ago.  People want smaller items so they can travel without all of the bulk.  Imagine wanting to take just two of your favorite perfumes with you on a trip.  You have to take special added precautions to be sure the bottles don't break or leak.  Are you traveling by air?  Then forget about taking your two bottles of perfume or cologne due to federal restrictions.

MigZie ran across these 5ml refillable atomizer bottles, so we decided to put them to the test. They are small enough to travel with and they meet the air travel size requirements.  They are very easy to fill.  Just take off the spray nozzle on your perfume or cologne bottle; attach the 5ml refillable bottle on top and press down.  The 5ml bottle will fill up and you can place it in your purse or pocket.  One full bottle will last me about a week.  That is using two spray squirts each use.  The downside to using the 5ml atomizer is that you will need one bottle for each of your different perfumes or colognes.  You don't want to mix your perfumes or colognes with one another.  But this is a very, very small downside because these bottles don't cost that much.  They cost about the same as a gourmet cup of coffee.  So, if you have 5 different perfumes or colognes, you should get 5 refillable bottles.  We tested for possible leakage and did not have any issues.

In short, this product is a no brainier.  Anyone who uses perfume or cologne should have a few of these refillable atomizer bottles.

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